About Us

About our engineering and support services company

Protea Technology is a well established and leading engineering and support services group of companies with a solid track record and ambitious growth plans.

We represent leading international companies who are industry market leaders. We have been in business for over 70 years and we are market leaders in all the industry sectors in which we operate.

We currently operate one subsidiary ‘Protea Electronics (Pty) Ltd. We have one empowerment associated company, namely Edugain.

Protea Technology Overview

The mission of our support engineers company

to invest in and grow leading technology companies
to provide exceptional value to all stakeholders......

The people at Protea Technology are highly trained specialists within their respective fields. Regular international and local training programmes are in place to ensure that we present our customers with the very best product and engineered solutions for their businesses.

We provide our customers with end-to-end enterprise solutions to their communications and control problems.

Protea Technology has over 100 employees active in addressing specific customer groups.

A stimulating environment promotes the entrepreneurial spirit and leads to greater motivation of management and staff, higher levels of achievement and greater responsiveness to customer needs.
A powerhouse of skill, experience and enthusiasm.

To achieve our goals the group is committed to:

  • maintaining integrity in all its activities
  • promoting a growth environment for all its employees
  • achieving financial rewards for all stakeholders
  • reliably exceeding customers expectations
  • assuring significant market share for our business partners
  • providing superior rewards for all stakeholders

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