About Protea Automation Solutions

Protea Automation Solutions covers all aspects of the AUTOMATION & CONTROL industry from primary sensors and INSTRUMENTATION to fully fledged ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS and automation systems supported by repair, maintenance and ENGINEERING SERVICES.

World leading products are offered through an extensive distribution network. Comprehensive technical and training support is provided to the customer base.

We are ISO 9001/2000 accredited

Oil & Gas

Water and Wastewater


Pulp & paper


Metals and Minerals



Food & beverages



Instrumentation, Measurement and Control

Analytical and Environmental

Intrinsic Safety and Explosion Proof

Engineering Support and Services

Protea Automation Solutions wins award from Land Ametek for Single Largest Order Intake during 2020

Land Ametek Process & Analytical Instruments is represented in South Africa by Protea...

AMETEK Land Releases New Borescope to Enhance Temperature Monitoring of Furnace

AMETEK Land has launched an innovative, new mid-wavelength borescope, the MWIR-B-640, for furnace...

Reigniting and Enhancing LAND’s ‘vIRalert’ Human Body Temperature Measurement System

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