Oil & Gas

Refineries, Offshore, Tar & Heavy Oil, Biodiesel & Ethanol, Biogas, LNG & CNG, Petrochemical

From topside drilling to refining and transportation, the application challenges of the Oil & Gas Industry are ample and diverse. The need to reduce costs and uphold the highest standards of safety and environmental protection are uniform and constant. Ashcroft engineers have experience in the field, they understand the complexity of oil and gas processes and work with customers to engineer instrumentation solutions to overcome applications challenges, reduce costs, and ensure process safety.


Our instruments are designed to perform reliably even in the harshest conditions, for the wellhead, offshore rig and shale field. With NACE compliant gauges, seals and SIL capable switches, you can trust our field-proven pressure instruments to provide the accurate and reliable measurements necessary to avoid failures and protect equipment, personnel and the environment.


On the tank car, at the transfer station and all along the pipeline, from the first pump station to the last, Ashcroft has the answer for every midstream application. Our pressure and temperature instrumentation is the answer to monitor and control flow ensuring critical equipment and to assure staff are safe from over-pressurization and other challenges.


Aggressive media, sour gas and other corrosives can be contained with our NACE approved, and SIL capable instruments. We provide pre-assembled instrument/diaphragm seal combinations to ensure that caustics will not threaten your operation or personnel. Innovative product features further enhance safety and efficiency by offering high readability in high pulsation and vibration environments.

Water and Wastewater

Municipal & Industrial, Wastewater Process, Mining Water Treatment, Deionized Water

Water service is one of the most critical functions of any community. Much is at stake, from the health and safety of the community to the functioning of business. People depend on clean, fresh water every time they open the tap. But it’s no easy task. Filtration, pressure, flow and level all require precise, continuous monitoring and control. At the same time, instruments must overcome corrosive medium, effluents, solids, vibration and pulsation to constantly provide accurate measurements that prevent shutdowns and dangerous conditions.

At Ashcroft, our goal is to ensure safe, reliable process operation. That’s why we’ve developed unique solutions for the Water and Waste-water industry that proactively avert problems and comply with regulatory standards. Our diaphragm seal and isolation rings safeguard critical instruments against concentrated fluoride, chlorine, ozone and many other aggressive media. An Ashcroft rangeable transmitter is ideal for water tower measurement. Easy adjustment allows the transmitter to output a precisely scaled flow while eliminating unwanted fluid head pressure from the reading.



Agricultural Chemicals, Petrochemical, Gases, Biochemical, Ethanol, Plastics & Polymers, Lubricants

Reliable equipment is essential to maintaining high quality and maximum production, as well as environmental and personal safety. At Ashcroft, we know that harsh operating conditions in any chemical plant can jeopardize these basic requirements. That’s why our technical team will evaluate your unique application and offer expert advice to ensure that you get the right instrument.

We’re familiar with your challenges, especially with managing aggressive and abrasive media. With a variety of wetted materials available, our instruments can be configured with compatible wetted parts or fitted with diaphragm seals to resist corrosive processes. You can be assured that you’ll be installing a trustworthy component into your system.


Pulp and Paper

Chemical Pulping, Additives, Water Treatment

Production means revenue, efficient processes mean profit. We’ll do our part so you can have both. With our durable pressure instrumentation, we’ll help you keep your mill running at optimum capacity. We understand the unique hazards of measuring the pressure of caustic chemicals, and the safety requirements established to protect operators and equipment. In the constant search for process improvements, Ashcroft is a great place to start.

With a choice of robust wetted materials, our pressure switches and gauges can directly monitor a variety of challenging media. In extreme conditions, diaphragm seals will ensure compatibility with black liquor and other harsh chemicals, while our isolation rings make it possible for slurries to pass through pipelines without fouling the pressure measuring instruments. With these devices in place, down-time due to corrosion and clogging can be quickly eliminated.



Gas Fired Power Plant, Coal Fired Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant, Sustainable Energy, Turbines, Boilers.

We’ll help you meet the demand for low energy prices, uninterrupted service and green energy production. As experts in pressure measurement, we’ve developed the reliable instruments necessary to keep you in compliance and help sustain a power plant that’s clean burning, efficient and always up-and-running.

Our advanced pressure gauges and switches can monitor and control pressure under extreme conditions. To prevent corrosion, compatible wetted materials can be selected to mitigate failures caused by corrosive pressure media. In hazardous environments, safety is assured with our agency approved, explosion proof pressure switches.


Metals and Minerals

Mining Water Treatment, Mine & Excavating, Extractive Metallurgy

Damage control, before it happens…
At Ashcroft, our focus is to protect lives and livelihoods by producing specialized products to counter the hazards that you face every day. With years of experience in critical applications, our reputation for safe, rugged and reliable pressure instruments has been earned one customer at a time.

Our experience with hazardous environments and destructive processes has led to purpose-built pressure instruments for installations where interaction with explosive gases or corrosive media is routine. Even the pressure of slurries that will likely clog a gauge or switch can be easily measured through an isolation ring, ensuring an uninterrupted process flow along with continuously accurate measurements.



OHV, Racing & Motorsport, Rail

Severe environmental conditions, pressure spikes, and high vibration–they can stop sensitive instrumentation dead in its tracks. If that happens, you lose your lifeline to monitoring critical hydraulic, engine, load weighing and brake system pressures. Whether moving material, carrying massive loads or pushing a vehicle to the limit, you need rugged and reliable pressure gauges. Your reputation, and your customers’ satisfaction, depend on it.

At Ashcroft, we understand extreme demands and stringent industry requirements. Our transducer’s high-performance technology and robust case designs satisfy severe environments where reliability and ruggedness are critical. Featuring quick responsiveness, they enable precise data collection to improve operating efficiencies. Highly-reliable switches prove ideal for control and compact designs facilitate system integration.

To meet your specific requirements, we offer complete product flexibility with our Custom Engineered Solutions (CES). We provide tailored mechanical and electrical designs along with testing capabilities to solve your most challenging applications.



Critical Environment, Building Automation, Chillers, Boilers & Burners, Refrigeration

In an energy-conscious world, you’re constantly challenged to improve indoor air quality and operating efficiency while adhering to stringent regulations. As measurement experts, we develop products that maintain tight controls, allowing you to reach peak efficiency, reduce costs and keeping your customers in good health and comfort.

Our transducers have ultra-low through high-range capability, incorporating technology that assures reliable and stable performance. For in-place calibration, our SpoolCal® design results in minimal downtime. Pressure gauges with Flutterguard™, True Zero™ or Plus!™ Performance prove invaluable protection against shock, pulsation or vibration, leading to longer product life. Providing intelligent Custom Engineered Solutions (CES), our experienced engineering and product development team gives you the flexibility for finding the best solution to your challenging applications.

Yet, we offer more than exceptional products. Our Critical Application Solution Experts (CASE) addresses demanding installations, identifying threats to your system integrity and present sound remedies.


Food and Beverage

Poultry Farms, Process & Automation, Breweries & Wineries

From soda pop to popsicles, from vegetable soup to veggie chips, all food and beverage products have one thing in common – the risk of contamination. Each can, bottle, bag or box that leaves your facility has to be wholesome, safe and meet stringent regulatory standards. Your good name and profitability depend on it. Throughout your complex operations, it’s critical that processes run efficiently and hygienic controls and procedures are in place. Whether you’re measuring levels in a fermentation tank, discharge pressure from a diaphragm pump or sterilization temperatures, you need accurate and reliable instrumentation. 

At Ashcroft®, we’re as focused on sanitation as you are. Our experts strive to develop innovative solutions to keep you contamination free. In fact, many of our products have received 3-A® Sanitary Approvals, proof that we follow strict regulatory design guidelines. Gauges with all-stainless steel construction satisfy regulatory requirements and are CIP/SIP capable. While our custom designs for compact pressure switches and transducers fit tight spaces while allowing for Clean-in-place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-place (SIP).


Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Fume Hood, Hygienic Process, Chemical Process, Critical Environment

By its very definition, a cleanroom depends on stringent containment control and precise ventilation. After all, what goes on inside could be critical to the world’s health and safety. As you research, develop and produce life-saving medicines, you need ultra-reliable instrumentation that meet strict regulations for safety, precision and sterility. With all that’s at stake – your products, your reputation and your next breakthrough – you need to optimize your operation. The highest quality measurement instruments can help maintain correct pressure to reduce overhead costs, encourage scheduled maintenance and achieve peak efficiency.

At Ashcroft, we’re striving to make cleanrooms cleaner with innovative solutions. Advanced transducers feature ultra-low through higher-ranged measurement. Our SpoolCal® feature proves ideal when performing in-place calibration and monitoring, encouraging proactive maintenance. All-stainless steel gauges satisfy industry requirements, and our precision test instruments assure the work you do is vital to the future.