Manage 4K video, still images ahroughout theentire imaging workflow

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NUCLeUS offers a scalable, future-proof and vendor-neutral platform that streamlines the management and distribution of video content – plus still images and patient data – across an entire network. Investing in the NUCLeUS platform brings a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education to cost-effective networked content management. Read on to find out more about the benefits NUCLeUS can offer. 

Create an efficient, integrated imaging workflow

NUCLeUS streamlines every phase of hospitals’ medical imaging workflows, from video capture in the Operating Room, examination room or interventional suite – to distribution, recording and sharing. Instantly route multiple image sources to any destination, without time-consuming reconfiguration of equipment. Video content is integrated with metadata acquired from a Hospital Information System (HIS) to create comprehensive, easily accessible patient records.