At the Protea Technology Group, we are currently implementing several measures to ensure the resilience of our operations, both globally and locally, and limiting any impact on the service we provide to you whilst mitigating the risk and further spread of the coronavirus. Following President Ramaphosa’s announcement of a 21-day national shutdown from Thursday March 26, 2020, we have implemented the following plans:


Our Business Continuity Plan is focussed on doing all that is reasonably possible in current circumstances to ensure we can provide the full range of products and services that we are well known for. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Contacting and liaising with our international business partners to ensure we have continued and reliable delivery of key product items, spares and technical support.
  • Ensuring we have enough inventory and emergency stock on hand to allow us to offer continued support, service and repair of equipment for key installations that we have in our large installed client base.
  • Implementing virtual office facilities within the three-day lead-time to mitigate risk to our staff and clients, and provide ongoing services and support.
  • Application to government for consideration as an essential supplier to critical industries to continue the provision of service, repair and support facilities. This will enable Protea to provide key services by maintaining a core team of professionals available 24/7 to meet customer’s needs.
  • Where operationally possible we have rolled out rotational schedules to allow staff to work from home to help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus and ensure a safer working environment for all.
  • With most of our employees having the facilities and capabilities to work remotely, we are planning for minimal disruption. In the case of service disruption, our critical operations teams are well resourced to support you remotely or physically under safe conditions subject to any regulatory restrictions.
  • As with many organisations, Protea is in uncharted territory. We have planned for every eventuality to ensure that we do whatever we can to support you. With the rise of remote work, we have upgraded our network capacity, increased VPN connectivity, and implemented extra meeting and collaboration tools to meet up with the demand of our clients.


  • We have conducted full education presentations to all members of staff on COVID – 19 and how to prevent workplace contamination
  • We have developed and provided Group Guidelines and policies on dealing with the Coronavirus in the workplace based on WHO guidelines.
  • All air travel to significantly affected counties has been prohibited until further notice. This is being monitored daily. Any other travel is limited to essential travel only.
  • We have restricted access to the Protea Technology offices and allow Colleagues to work from home where appropriate.
  • We have installed a thermal imaging testing facility for all staff and visitors to our facilities.
  • Clients and visitors who able, subject to regulatory conditions, to present themselves at our premises are required to complete a mandatory COVID-19 screening declaration and submit to thermal testing to monitor and track potential contagion.
  • Our client-facing staff will still be available to carry on essential meetings as may, in consultation with yourself, if it is deemed to be critical.
  • We have set up Skype facilities that will allow our staff to interact with our customers using Skype. Should you require the Skype address of a Protea Technology staff member, please send an email to requesting the individual Skype details, and they will be forwarded to yourself.
  • We will also ensure that our client-facing staff will have Facilities to interact with you electronically via MS Teams, Zoom or other electronic/virtual alternatives.

No member of the Protea Technology Group has yet displayed symptoms of COVID – 19 and we are monitoring all staff daily through thermal technology and random COVID – 19 tests. We have also instituted essential hygiene practices based on the World Health Organisation standards of prevention and hygiene.

Protea Technology has also formed a Coronavirus Crisis Committee consisting of senior management that is constantly reviewing various documentation and keeping our staff updated. In addition to this, a WhatsApp group has been created, in which all staff are kept updated on a regular basis of important factors that they need to be aware of. Protea Technology is committed to minimising the impact on business continuity and the economy as far as possible. We are available on our landlines, our mobile phones and have access to virtual meeting technology to engage and support you during this very memorable moment in time.

Our professional employees remain available to service you at your convenience.

Protea Technology will keep all customers up to date, either via email communications or via our new web site