Analytical and Environmental

Protea Automation Solutions continuously evolves and integrates its Analytical and Environmental measuring, monitoring and control solution provision and business delivery model by expanding and consolidating its product, technical and business partner relationship with many of the most reputable world-class companies in this field of expertise. We aim to be the solution provider of first choice in line with the current and future requirements of our South African and African clients. Together with our partners, this approach enables us to provide one of the most extensive arrays of skills and products in this domain.

Protea Automation Solutions can design, configure, supply, implement, commission, and support new Analytical and Environmental measuring, monitoring and control equipment – including end-to-end system solutions – to meet the client’s specific requirements. Protea Automation Solutions can upgrade and integrate existing and new analysers, monitoring and control equipment into existing plants and industrial facilities. In all instances, compliance with the most stringent national and International Safety and associated regulatory requirements is implicit. Certified calibration services are available to maintain certification obligations.

Our business provides the following form of solutions within the analytical and environmental market.

Analytical Solutions

Our analytical solutions provide measurement, detection and monitoring equipment primarily aimed at the Gas, Chemical, Liquid, Water, Emissions, Combustion, Dust, and Beverage industries amongst others.

Our process measurement, monitoring, detection, and analyser range covers a vast array of standard and customisable portable, on-and-in line Gas, Liquid, Water and Chemical analysers.

A selection of specialised in line and portable analysers including acid dew point temperature and oxygen measurement, monitors and analysers are available to answer the specific requirements related to combustion measurement, management, and continuous regulatory compliance.

Unique torque and angle measurement and monitoring, package testing, carbonation, and sampling solutions together with programable laboratory shakers customised to the exacting consistency, quality and hygiene standards are available for the broad beverage industry including specialised beer analysis technologies and analysers.

Environmental Solutions

Our environmental solutions provides measurement, detection and monitoring equipment including technologies and devices that verify environmental compliance primarily within power and cement plants, waste incineration, biomass and sewerage, and sludge environs amongst others.

A selection of specialised fixed and portable emission measuring and monitoring equipment analysers including triboelectric dust measurement and monitoring equipment are available to answer the specific requirements related to measuring, managing, and validating continuous statutory and regulatory compliance