Intrinsic Safety and Explosion Proof

Protea Automation Solutions continuously evolves and integrates its Intrinsically Safe And Explosion Proof measuring, monitoring and control solution provision and business delivery model by expanding and consolidating its product, technical and business partner relationship with many of the most reputable world-class companies in this field of expertise. We aim to be the solution provider of first choice in line with the current and future requirements of our South African and African clients. Together with our partners, this approach enables us to provide one of the most extensive arrays of skills and products in this domain.

 Protea Automation Solutions can supply, install, and support new and existing Intrinsically Safe And Explosion Proof measuring, monitoring and control equipment that meet the client’s specific requirements. In all instances, compliance with the most stringent National and International Safety and Explosion Proof standards and associated regulatory requirements is implicit.

Our business provides the following form of solutions within the Intrinsically Safe And Explosion Proof market.


Our business provides a broad assortment of solutions within the applicable intrinsically safe and explosion-proof categorisations.


A wide range of fixed and portable intrinsically safe gas detectors and analysers are available. In some instances, the gas detector can be custom engineered to be gas specific.

Multi-spectral infrared flame detectors and turnkey safety systems which eliminate combustible vapour gas inaccuracies in the flowing explosion-proof categories listed above can be provided and/or customised to suit the application specifics.

A broad-spectrum of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof monitoring devices specific to the coal mining environmental monitoring can be supplied to meet specific detection/measurement criterion.

A wide range of Intrinsically safe mobile communication, computing, and measurement devices are available for harsh and hazardous surface and underground mining and civil construction applications. These devices are equally suited to critical and potentially hazardous applications and services such as Emergency Services, Military, Search and Rescue.

Specific intrinsically safe and explosion-proof Level and Conductivity measurement and control systems can be provided for the following application environments – Petro-Chemical, Fuel industries and Bulk level and dust particulates measurement in large silos, tanks, and containers.

Custom designed pressurised personnel and instrumentation enclosure systems can be supplied to withstand the harshest environmental conditions such as ultra-wide temperature fluctuations, extreme weather condition, chemicals, gases, and wind. Included is the supply of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof electronic components and control systems for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petro-chemical and Manufacturing plants.