Graphics & Interactive Content Equipment

From the newsroom or the studio, from main street or the other side of the world, developing attention-grabbing content is becoming more complex. Today’s productions need to reach more people across more channels than ever before. 

Protea Broadcast & Multimedia offers the industry’s widest selection of solutions designed to simplify production workflows. Ip-ready and purpose-built for the demands of news operations, sports highlight shows and other types of productions, Protea solutions help you get to air first, deliver content to second screens, and interface with social media applications.


Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality

If you want the best looking virtual sets and AR graphics then you have found the right partner. RT Software’s heritage was founded on virtual studio productions in the ’90s for major productions such as the UK, European and American election coverage at the BBC. We migrated the technology from SGI kit the size of fridge freezers to cost effective nVidia GPus and Windows based systems. Our virtual studio and augmented reality broadcast solutions now deliver industry leading photorealistic backdrops with integrated live video and data driven dynamic graphics wherever needed.

tOG VR virtual reality family

The tOG VR family of products has been professionally designed by a team of real-time 3d graphics experts. Whether you want 2D “bill-boarding”, real-time 3d graphics in the hands of presenters, cost-effective 2.5D with a single fixed camera or full freedom of movement multi-camera 3d virtual reality, there’s a tOG VR product for you. And as they are all built on the tOG 3d engine, you can upgrade as your business needs change.

What’s more, they integrate with all the leading third party VR devices on the market, so you’ll have no problem integrating it into the wider system

View the Virtual Studio AR showreels below:

Sports Analysis Augmented Reality

Sports analysis graphics, telestration, augmented reality, virtual advertising, in studio or pitch-side.

Tactic Pro
Sports Analysis Software

Tactic Pro is the premier sports analysis and telestration system from RT Software. Speed and ease of use is a common attribute across the Tactic family of products, and Tactic Pro goes even further with features such as Timeline view, camera morph, Line Tracking and Multicam to allow the creation of the most complex and demanding of analysis sequences.

Tactic Pro may be used by presenters live on air to enhance discussions and analysis of sporting moments. Tactic Pro can work with either internal, file based clips or via external baseband SDI video coming from either live sources or from VTR devices using a number of industry-standard protocols. Video control is provided via an intuitive VTR control panel on screen.

Multicam Story Telling

Add telestration graphics for up to four different camera views and cut, or even morph, between views.

Vision based Tracking

Track camera movement to allow graphics to stay in position on the playing surface.

Timeline Precision

Allowing precise and easy control of graphic timings for even the most complex analysis sequences.

Full Control Of Replay Servers

Start building your analysis sequence as soon as a clip is ready on the server.

Line based Calibration

Calibrate cameras precisely using pitch lines to measure metrics (distance, speed etc). 

Presenter Interface

Custom interfaces for touch screens and tablets to give your presenters control.

View the Sports Analysis showreel below:

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